Product Details:

Item Type:Manual massage tools


Color: White,Black

Size: 107*110*82mm,4.2*4.3*3.2 Inches

Weight: 250g


Product description



Only a few minutes is needed to release tense muscles.


Gently lay on and relax - the bumps will melt into the areas of tension. 


Versatility: Light, sturdy and portable. Use while travelling, driving, working at the computer, reading, resting, meditating, doing yoga, watching TV and more! 


It can be used to drive the bulk of your body weight into tight muscles of the back, neck, shoulders, arms and legs, offering extremely powerful trigger point release and deep tissue massage. Relieves muscle aches and pains. 



▶It is normal to feel tenderness where the bumps make contact with tight muscles. 

▶If the tenderness is too intense for you, pad the bumps with a folded towel to your comfort. 

▶You also can use in a seated position for a lighter touch. 



Package Contents:

1pcs Manual massage tools

Portable Bone Point Therapy Massager