Description of use

1. Checking 35 sets of memory data
When the thermometer is turned on or power off, by pressing the Memory/Mute-unmute button to go to the memory mode, press this button again to check the 35 sets of memories one by one. If no value, it will display “----M”

2. Switching between mute and un-mute
When the thermometer is turned on, keep pressing the Memory/mute-unmute button for 2-3 seconds, to switch from un-mute to mute.

3. Temperature compensation adjustment
When the thermometer is turned on, press both the Memory/mute-unmute button and Measure button for 2-3 seconds to go the temperature compensation mode. By pressing the Memory/mute-unmute button to adjust the temperature from ±0.0 to ±2.0
Note: All the future temperature you are taking will be automatically added the value you are adjusted.

Using Tips

1.  Read the user manual carefully before use and keep it for future reference.
2.  Make sure there is no dirt on the sensor.
3.  For forehead mode, there shall be no water, sweat or any shade on the forehead.
4.  Make sure no intense emotion or movement before measuring.
5.  If transferred between rooms of different ambient temperature, measure after being kept under stable temperature for minimum 30 minutes

Memory Digital Thermometer